I’m Back

The last post on this page was seven months ago. Dear readers — if there are any of you left — please accept my apology.

By mid-February I’d already played four solo shows in 2017. I was writing and recording a new batch of songs and starting to build up a website and e-mail list. I just needed to set aside a little time to run a Delta Moon campaign on PledgeMusic, release a Delta Moon album and do some touring behind that.

I turned around and it was September.

Not that I’ve been ignoring the solo project. I’ve never stopped writing. That’s what I do. Now that Delta Moon is shifting to a more collaborative form of songwriting (which I’m totally into) all tunes I come up with on my own will be going into this project. I’ve completely retooled my little home recording studio and have learned a ton about how to use the new equipment and software. It’s time to have some fun.

Outside of a two-week trip to Europe and a few hometown gigs, the band will be taking some well-earned time off in the next few months. I hope to get things moving around here.

Stay tuned. You shouldn’t have to wait seven months for the next post.

(Photo by BNB Photos)

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