The Wisdom of Mike Tyson

With a new album coming out in March, Delta Moon has kept me pretty busy the last few months. Nevertheless, I’ve already played more solo shows in 2017 than I did in all of last year and am hungry to do more.

Sunday’s show at the City Winery in Atlanta with Michelle Malone and Eliot Bronson — both great performers — was big fun. We each played a brief solo set, then returned for a set in the round. The evening ended way too soon.

Performing these live shows has taught me a lot about the new songs I’m singing. Mike Tyson said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, the good news is nobody’s punched me yet. The songs have been going over well. But writing and rehearsing a song is sort of like planning things you would like to say. When the time comes to look someone in the eye and say them, those things might come out differently — and often the change is for the better. Now that these songs are seasoned a little I need to find time to get back in the studio and get them down before Delta Moon takes off for six weeks in Europe.

For the next couple weeks, though, my main focus is crowdfunding Delta Moon’s new album through a PledgeMusic campaign:

(Photo by Carlton Freeman)

Fun in the Sun

I had a fantastic time at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida — or actually spread out in many venues over 22 miles of Highway 30A, running along the beach of the Florida panhandle.

I played three shows as a solo acoustic act, each time paired with a duo: Marti Jones and Don Dixon on Friday, Sarah Potenza and her husband Ian on Saturday, and an old friend Michelle Malone along with a young guitarist named Reno on Sunday — all great performers. It wasn’t so much songwriters in the round as songwriters playing ping-pong. But it wasn’t at all adversarial, and I never felt outnumbered on stage. Even if we’d never met before, everyone understood how to work together to create a unique experience both for ourselves and the audience. Several fans told me that what they liked best about this festival was seeing performers interact with each other. And it felt good, halfway through our set, to hear Sarah Potenza exclaim, “We’re forming a band!”

Michelle Malone and I had so much fun together that we’re doing it again at the City Winery in Atlanta on February 12.

With Marti Jones and Don Dixon.

With Michelle Malone.